Care providers spend all day caring for others yet are struggling to make ends meet for themselves. Many care providers currently live in poverty and a majority qualifies for public assistance. Nationally, the median annual income for homecare workers is just $13,000.

Oregon Cares is a project of SEIU 503, which represents over 20,000 care providers through a union. SEIU 503 has won important improvements over the years for care providers, including improved wages and benefits.

The Oregon Cares campaign is uniting care providers throughout the state to stand up for quality care and quality jobs. We’re taking action together to hold employers accountable and support economic policies that give all of us a fair shot.

Oregon Cares is building an organization of care providers to take action on priorities including raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour, ensuring that care providers earn paid sick days, and creating an easy, secure way for care providers to save for retirement.

Care providers do a valuable and important job. When care provider jobs are good jobs, everyone benefits—workers, consumers, and our state as a whole.


“I am standing up for the right all homecare workers to be treated with respect, to make a living wage and benefits, and to be recognized for the work we do.”

Keyona Evans, Homecare Worker