Oregon Cares is standing up for quality care and quality jobs. Care providers deserve a living wage, paid sick days, and a simple way to save for retirement so we can continue to give the best care to our communities.

Raise the Minimum Wage

Many care providers currently live in poverty, and a majority qualifies for public assistance. Nationally, the median annual income for homecare workers is just $13,000. That’s not how we should treat those who take care of others in our communities. Care providers shouldn’t have to choose between paying rent and putting food on the table. Raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour lets care providers take care of our families and ourselves.

Paid Sick Days

No one should have to lose pay because they get sick—especially those who spend their days taking care of others. Care providers care for those who cannot care for themselves. When we stay home sick, we’re protecting the people we work for, too. Paid sick days for care providers ensures that we are at our best when we show up for work ready to take care of others—because we also have the time to take care of ourselves.

Savings for Retirement

Retirement is out-of-reach for more and more Oregonians. Every Oregonian should have access to a safe and easy way to save for retirement. Retirement security lets care providers  go to sleep at night without having to worry about what the future will look like.



Legislative Agenda

Homecare workers around the state are uniting through Oregon Cares to share their stories and push legislators to support our priorities and promote quality care and quality jobs.

Direct Action/Organizing

Home care workers are taking action together through Oregon Cares to hold employers and decision makers accountable. We are pressuring employers to meet the demand for $15 and a Union, shining a light on bad actors and fighting wage theft to make sure we are paid for all the time we work.