Homecare workers join thousands around the country in standing up for $15 and a union

Today in Portland, homecare workers and janitors joined thousands of low-wage workers nationwide in standing up for $15 and a union. 

"Homecare work is important because It allows seniors and people with disabilities to stay in their homes and keep their dignity and independence. Our clients are often homebound and if we can't afford cars, they can't get out to doctor appointments," said Christine Eckert, homecare worker.

"I am fighting for $15 and a union because wages are so low for homecare workers that some of us can barely afford the cost of transportation to our jobs, let alone rent on decent places to live."

"I’m proud to be standing with underpaid people across the country today. Corporations need to raise wages so people can support their families. It’s wrong that so many people are paid so little that we can’t afford basic needs. Working people should have the right to stick together in a union so we can be heard. Raising wages will boost local families and make the economy work for all of us, not just the wealthy."

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