Oregon Cares

Care providers all across Oregon are struggling to make basic ends meet while doing some of the most important work there is: caring for vulnerable members of our community.

People who spend every day caring for others shouldn’t have to worry about paying rent and putting food on the table. It’s time we make sure that care provider jobs are good jobs.

Oregon Cares is a project of SEIU Local 503 to unite care providers throughout the state to stand up for quality care and quality jobs. We’re taking action together to hold employers accountable and support economic policies that give all of us a fair shot.

Over 20,000 care providers are already part of SEIU Local 503 and have won major improvements of wages and benefits together.



“Every time I go to a senior home and see their smiles and how happy they are to be home because I am able to help them stay in their homes, it’s a blessing.”

Lana Aragon, Homecare Worker